Stanford – Grazeninstilletos Chestnut Filly DOB 4/15/23. Owned by Mike and Lynda Weeks.

Grazen – Mommacat Chestnut Filly DOB 4/12/23. Owned by Kevin Devincenzi and Papa Gallo Racing.

Grazen – Devilish Pro Chestnut Filly DOB 4/12/23. Owned by Robert Mitchell.

Stay Thirsty – Angel Allie Chestnut Colt DOB 4/11/23. Owned by Vicky Burnham.

Grazen – Singn On Themoon Chestnut Filly DOB 4/05/23. Owned by Mark Cohen.

Mo Town – Prudent Bay Filly DOB 4/03/23. Owned by Tony and Carol Busching.

Clubhouse Ride – Silver Soiree Chestnut Filly DOB 3/27/23. Owned by Larry and Sharon Borskey and Paradox Stable.

Goldencents – Almost Carla Bay Filly DOB 3/27/23. Owned by Arlyn Boone, Mike Boone, and Ron Boone.

Conquest Farenheit – Win Often Bay Colt DOB 3/13/23. Owned by Gary Hartunian.

Stanford – Angi’s Wild Cat Chestnut Colt DOB 3/12/23. Owned by Quetta Robinson.

Stanford – Sippin Chestnut Colt DOB 3/07/23. Owned by Dan Wilson.

Conveyance – El Bell Camp Bay Filly DOB 2/28/23. Owned by Mary Lou Griffin.

Stanford – Red Stich Bay Filly DOB 2/21/23. Owned by Jason McArdle.

Clubhouse Ride – Jennifer’s Joy Bay Filly DOB 2/16/23. Owned by Richard Tillema.

Stanford – Take A Time Out Bay Colt DOB 2/10/23. Owned by Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC.

Stanford – Munn She’s Pretty Bay Filly DOB 2/06/23. Owned by Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC.

Grazen – Lady Crocker Chestnut Colt DOB 2/04/23. 0wned by Henry Williamson.

Gift Box – Heart of the Nile Grey /Roan Filly DOB 1/24/23. Owned by Marla Zanelli and Dean and Eve Faucett.


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