Capital Account-Badgett Cahill Chestnut Filly, DOB 4/16/19 Owner John Polster

Stanford-Freeliena Bay Colt DOB 4/21/19 Owner Mauro Comensoli

Smiling Tiger-Shikara Bay Colt DOB 4/18/19 Owner Phil D’Amato

Temple City-Slalom Bay Flly DOB 4/17/19 Owner Tony and Carol Busching

Stanford-Starfire Mist Chestnut Filly DOB 4/23/19 Owner Tommy Town

Stanford-Tribal Feathers Bay Colt DOB 4/23/19 Owner Wayne Atwell

Shaman Ghost-Athina Lee Bay Filly Dob 3/21/19 owned by Ken Miles and Sheridan Jones

Stanford-Babe I’m Ready DOB 3/24/19 Bay Filly Owned by Tommy Town

Stormberg-Giant Popcorn DOB 3/22/19 Chestnut Colt Owned by Jack Sims

Stanford-Heat Du Jour DOB 3/24/19 Chestnut Colt owned by Tommy Town

Ministers Wild Cat-Rewritten DOB 3/13/19 Bay Filly Owned by Robin Mason, Carnation Racing Stables

Vronsky-Divine Josephine Bay Filly DOB 3/17/19 Owners Ed Moger, Andrew Miller

Stanford-She’s Borracho Bay Colt DOB 3/17/19, Owners Jack Sims and Joey and Wendy Platts

Grazen-Irish Winnie Bay Filly DOB 3/13/19, Owners Ed Moger and Patrick Neary

Boisterous-Toppers Sunshine Bay Filly DOB 3/15/19 Owners Joette and Joel Youkhanna

Stanford-Island Candy Chestnut Colt DOB 3/13/19 Owner Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC

Stanford-Wheretheresfire Bay Filly DOB 3/12/19 Owner Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC

Vronsky-Lucky Spell Bay Colt DOB 3/14/19 Owner Paul Newhart

Grazen-Arethusa Bay Filly DOB 3/01/19 owners Arethusa Partnership-Terrence Davis, Kevin Danni, and Martin Mueller

Stanford-Blues and Silvers Bay Filly DOB 2/27/19 Owner- Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC

Grazen-Feel Freely Bay Filly DOB 2/27/19 owner Jay and Julie Manoogian

Stanford-Run for Retts Bay Filly DOB 3/06/19 Owner Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC

Stanford-Swiftly Risen Chestnut Filly DOB 3/07/19 Owner Dave Aurelio

Boisterous-Big Easy Bay Colt dob 2/17/19 owner Mike Allen

Stanford-Alwazabridesmaid Bay Colt, dob 2/08/19 owner Tommy Town

Warrior Princess chestnut filly dob 2/15/19 owner Tommy Town

Stanford-A Kiss for Maria dob 2/08/19 owners Dan and Tanya Freeman

Stormberg-Word Association chestnut colt dob 2/08/19 owner Jack sims

Grazen-Devilish Pro Chestnut filly – dob 2/14/19 owner Robert Mitchell

Stanford-It’s Your Life Bay Colt DOB 2/09/19 – owner Tommy Town Thoroughbreds

Shaman Ghost-Miss lafayette Bay Colt DOB 2/09/19- Owner Joseph Dipietro

Sage D Oro Bay Filly, DOB 2/11/19 owner Jack Sims

D’Funnybone-Smart Roar- Chestnut Colt DOB 2/17/19

Stormberg-Semtex Bay Filly DOB 2/11/19 owner Jack Sims

Stormberg-Trashi Diva- bay filly -DOB 2/17/19 owner Jack Sims

Stanford-Diocesan Policy Ch Filly Dob 2/03/19 bred by Ron Arakelian III

Ministers Wild Cat-Flashdanzing Bay Filly Dob 1/30/19 bred by John Lanza

Stanford-Sheza Firstsamurai Bay Colt Dob 2/03/19 bred by Tommy Town Thoroughbreds

Stanford-She’s Not A Lemon Bay Colt dob 2/03/19 bred by Tommy Town Thoroughbreds

Stanford-Excessively Blessed Bay Filly DOB 1/24/19 bred by Neil Fleming

Boisterous-Two to Tango Chestnut Filly DOB 1/24/19 bred by Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC

Stanford- Curvy Cat Bay Colt DOB 1/25/19 bred by Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC

Boisterous-Made to Worship Chestnut Filly born 1/26/19 bred by Tommy Town Thoroughbreds LLC

Overanalyze-Knockout Bertie Bay Colt DOB 1/21/19 bred by Tommy Town

Stanford-Sea Creature Bay Filly DOB 1/20/19 bred by Tommy Town and Hollendorfer

Magician-Stardust Up Bay Filly DOB 1/22/19 bred by Billy Dory and Gary and Janet Kropp

Grazen-Blameitonthecat Chestnut filly-DOB 1/16/19 bred by: Mike, Lynda and Devyn Weeks

Shaman Ghost-Daddy’s Duo Bay Filly DOB 1/19/19 bred by: Sadler Batchlor Partnership

Stanford-Del Cielo Bay Filly DOB 1/16/19 bred by Tommy Town Thoroughbreds

Stanford-Joyce and Me Bay Filly DOB 1/05/19 bred by Tommy Town

Stanford-Open Mic Chestnut Filly DOB 1/09/18 bred by Tommy Town

Boisterous-Andean Moon Chestnut Filly DOB 1/11/19 bred by Tommy Town

Boisterous-Pretty Syrie Bay Colt Dob 1/12/19 bred by Tommy Town

Stanford-Shezaspanishdancer Bay Filly Dob 1/09/19 bred by Tommy Town

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