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5/08/18 Secret Circle Tiz an Honor filly Mick Ruis
4/30/18 Gemologist U R All That I Am colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
5/02/18 Champs Pegasus Chetten County colt Steve Kramer Carliwood Farms
4/26/18 Majestic Perfection Double Dip colt Joseph Dipietro
5/07/18 Boisterous Flight Service colt Gary Barber
4/30/18 Ministers Wild Cat Main Street filly Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
4/27/18 Fed Biz Matching Skies colt Mary Lou Griffin
4/28/18 Boisterous Prairie Charm colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
5/06/18 Ministers Wild Cat Sailors Sister colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
5/06/18 Boisterous Shatoosh filly Mick Ruis
4/25/18 Congrats Cave Springs Bay colt Marvin Fleming, Fleming Thoroughbreds
4/22/18 Old Topper Don’t Lose Faith colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
4/18/18 Boisterous Kitten Exchange filly Gary Barber
4/18/18 Maclean’s Music Nothinglikegold colt Mick Ruis
4/13/18 Ministers Wild Cat Sassy Kiss colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/16/18 Maclean’s Music Tiz Tigress colt Mick Ruis
4/19/18 Grazen Tribal Dress colt Mike Conboy
4/19/18 Papa Clem Tribal Feathers colt Curt and Lila Lanning
4/07/18 Boisterous Tribal Spy filly Gary Barber
4/14/18 Smiling Tiger Tinderella filly Gary Wolfson
4/07/18 Vronsky Exfanofsixties colt William Shamlian
4/16/18 Runhappy Kitniss colt Mick Ruis
4/03/18 Boisterous Malibu Artiste colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
4/10/18 Boisterous Oui Cat Oui filly Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
4/11/18 Boisterous Pulpation filly Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
4/03/18 Grazen Show Time Apollo colt Phil Damato
4/16/18 Eddington Speedy Shimmer colt Melissa Ford
4/14/18 Haynesfield Spinning Steel filly Marvin Fleming
4/1/18 Boisterous Unbridledprayer colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/31/18 Grazen Ariel Hawk filly Ed Moger Jr. and Alan Eriksen
3/31/18 Many Rivers Catch of the Day colt Paige Schvaneveldt
3/30/18 Kafwain False Statement filly Jim Franklin
3/30/18 Grazen Hand Tricks colt Curt and Lila Lanning
4/1/18 Bluegrass Cat Run Rosie Run filly Ron Arakelian III
3/29/18 Haynesfield Sugar Spice colt Dan Wilson
3/26/18 Sky Mesa The Strip colt Mick Ruis
3/12/18 Old Topper Silent Fusaichi filly Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/23/18 Acclamation Striding Out colt Paul Atmajian
3/17/18  Midshipman Sweet Nellie Brown filly Paul Heist
3/15/18 Boisterous Moonlight Fantasy colt Gary Barber
3/25/18 Grazen Natural Singer filly Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/10/18 Roi Charmant Perfect Vintage colt Ed Moger Jr.
3/19/18 Grazen Promenade colt Thomas Bunn
3/10/18 Street Boss She’s Borracho filly Jack Sims
3/23/18 Kafwain Babe I’m Ready filly Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/23/18 Atticus Freeliena filly Mauro Comensoli
3/15/18 Midshipman Impeached colt Mary Lou Griffin
3/10/18 Tannersmyman Irene’s Cheru filly Jim Franklin
3/13/18 Ministers Wild Cat Island Candy filly Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/19/18 Grazen Toppers Sunshine filly Joette E. Youkhanna
3/19/18 Ministers Wild Cat Twenty Five to Life filly Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/10/18 Coil Yuen Fuen colt Connie Ho, Dennis Ho
3/19/18 Grazen Acategoryfivestorm colt Mike, Lynda and Devin Weeks
3/19/18 Mshawish Athina Lee colt Ken Miles and Sheridan Jones
2/25/18 Shackleford Heat du Jour colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
2/16/18 Grazen Letthepartybegin filly John and Diane Fradkin
2/23/18 Ministers Wild Cat Miss Blue Tye filly Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
2/25/18 Midnight Lute Prosper fillly Mick Ruis
2/20/18 Harbor the Gold Reba is Tops colt Gordy Jarnig, Kenny Marshall, Eric Schweiger
2/25/18 Boisterous Swiftly Risen filly Dave Aurelio and Partners
2/25/18 Grazen Devilish Pro colt Robert K Mitchell
2/28/18 Boisterous Steal the Lute colt Gary Barber
3/06/18 Summer Front Talk Less Run More colt Mick Ruis
3/08/18 Ministers Wild Cat All About Alex colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
2/16/18 Temple City Devoted One colt Nick Cosato
2/28/18 Ministers Wild Cat Silent Stalk colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/06/18 Boisterous Sky Diver colt Gary Barber
3/03/18 Grazen Dia Xenia colt Bo Hirsch
2/14/18 Old Topper Big Easy filly Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/01/18 Fort Larned Sky High Gal filly Adena Springs
1/21/18 Ministers Wild Cat Sea Creature colt Tommy Town and Jerry Hollendorfer
1/18/18 Boisterous Pretty Syrie colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
1/01/18 Ministers Wild Cat Lisa’s Lion filly Mike Allen
1/15/18 Boisterous Irish Tart filly Gary Barber
1/17/18 Grazen Spiced Latte colt Ed Moger Jr.
2/09/18 Flat Out Thrown Away colt Ike and Aidan Green and Tara Van
2/16/18 Bob Black Jack Farmers Wife filly Jerry and Brenda Haugg BKB Stables LLC
2/18/18 Boisterous Timothyfourseven colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
2/19/18 Maclean’s Music Gone to Party filly Lou Neve
2/08/18 Grazen A Kiss for Maria filly Dan and Tanya Freeman
2/08/18 Grazen Lookin for Jonesy colt Tom Capehart and William E Myers
2/13/18 Majestic Perfection Blow the Budget filly Mick Ruis
2/19/18 Grazen Luna Star colt Luis Mendez
2/16/18 Stormberg Deja Entendu colt Jack Sims
2/11/18 Ministers Wild Cat Million Dollar Run colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
2/17/18 Violence Specific Promise filly Mick Ruis
2/07/18 Stormy Atlantic Miss Lafayette colt Joseph Dipietro
2/07/18 Grazen Feel Freely filly Jay and Julie Manoogian
2/04/18 Boisterous Two to Tango colt Tommy Town
2/03/18 Boisterous Wife Approved colt Tommy Town/Mick Ruis
1/02/18 Ministers Wild Cat Andean Moon colt Tommy Town
1/28/18 Kafwain Home Runner filly Tommy Town
2/4/18 Ministers Wild Cat It’s Your Life colt Tommy Town
2/08/18 Ministers Wild Cat Blues and Silvers filly Tommy Town
1/31/18 Northern Afleet Real Bright Boots colt Timothy and Betty Hammer
2/5/18 Grazen Concettina colt William Branch
1/22/18 Stormberg Sensibly Chic filly Jack Sims
2/02/18 Boisterous Diocesan Policy colt Ron Arakelian III
01/26/18 Grazen Open Mic filly Tommy Town
01/24/18 Grazen Jeannie’s Genie filly Mike Allen
1/24/18 Paynter Sam’s Sunny City colt Ron Allen
1/30/18 Boisterous Kukaluka colt Gary Barber, Adam Wachtel
1/24/18 Ministers Wild Cat Lemon Drop Sis colt Tommy Town
1/29/18 Boisterous She’smylittleman filly Tommy Town
1/28/18 Ministers Wild Cat Openedforbusiness colt Tommy Town
1/28/18 Smiling Tiger Sheax Paroux colt Bob Hutton
1/26/18 Overanalyze Eris colt Mick Ruis, Ruis Racing
1/28/18 Richards Kid Gouyen filly Michael Moran
1/12/18 Boisterous Niqaaba filly Gary Barber
1/13/18 Ministers Wild Cat Del Cielo filly Tommy Town
1/10/18 Kantharos On Rainbow Bridge colt Mick Ruis
1/13/18 Ministers Wild Cat Drama Cat filly Tommy Town
1/13/18 Boisterous Unstoppable Passion filly Gary Barber
1/1/18 Boisterous Life is a stone filly Tommy Town
1/05/18 Boisterous Warrior Princess colt Tommy Town
1/09/18 Ministers Wild Cat Light up the Sky colt Tommy Town
1/09/18 Ministers Wild Cat Alwazeabridesmaid filly Tommy Town
1/03/18 Old Topper Made to Worship filly Tommy Town

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