4/27/17 Kafwain Don’t Lose Faith colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
5/6/17 Gemologist Gizmo Girl colt Jared Chappell
4/24/17 Old Topper Going for A Spin colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
4/13/17 Old Topper Cherokee Kiss colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
5/6/17 Peppered Cat Irish Winnie filly Moger/Neary partnership
4/26/17 Old Topper Prairie Charm colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
4/26/17 Peppered Cat Appealing Resume colt Moger, Maijala, Gruender, Martin, Hudson
4/17 Boisterous Blameitonthecat Mike, Lynda and Devyn Weeks
4/19/17 Boisterous Creole Delights filly Prisco and Elisabeth Vacca
4/18/17 Boisterous Kitten Exchange colt Gary Barber
4/19/17 Cairo Prince Lady Chip colt Gene Tenbrink
4/13/17 Ministers Wild Cat Sassy Kiss colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
4/20/17 Gervinho Valeria filly Gino Roncelli
4/03/17 Boisterous Cocoa Command filly Joan Kulify
4/10/17 Girolamo Courtroom Charmer filly Mary Lou Griffin
4/08/17 Ministers Wild Cat Minimums Minimums colt Duane and Sue Hopp
3/31/17 Will Take Charge Babe I’m Ready filly Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/30/17 Ministers Wild Cat Island Candy filly Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/31/17 Ministers Wild Cat Mainstreet colt Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/31/17 Grazen Acategoryfivestorm filly  Mike, Lynda and Devyn Weeks
4/01/17 Decarchy Aerial Hawk colt Ed Moger and Alan Eriksen
4/02/17 US Ranger Boro colt Lu Thomas
3/31/17 Ministers Wild Cat Easy on My Heart filly Michael Terry
3/25/17 Southern Image Tiz Bonita filly Craig & Joanne Adams
3/26/17 Kafwain Just Get Er Done filly Chris Carpenter, Dino Forristall, Doug Planchon, Bill McLean
3/21/17 Boisterous Oui Cat Oui filly Gary Barber and Tommy Town Thoroughbreds
3/23/17 Include Suchaprettygirl colt Fleming Thoroughbreds
3/09/17 Slew’s Tiznow Evie Jo colt Ed Moger Jr. and Alan Eriksen
3/12/17 Boisterous Warrens Flyer colt Gary Barber
3/05/17 Boisterous Sue’s Sweet Girl colt Gary Barber
3/08/17 Grazen Trail of Roses filly Lou and Pam Cassel
3/07/17 Ministers Wild Cat Twenty Five to Life filly Tommy Town
3/05/17 Southern Image Hope I Do filly Jared Chappell
3/08/17 Colonel John Miss After Party filly Lou Neve
3/08/17 Kafwain Mom Nana Petrie filly Tommy Town
3/06/17 Boisterous Moonlight Fantasy colt Gary Barber
3/06/17 Ministers Wild Cat Sea Poppy filly Tommy Town
3/08/17 Will Take Charge Silent Fusaich colt Tommy Town
3/2/17 Heatseeker Brave Journey colt Larry Stein
3/2/17 First Defense Dixiedreaming filly Mary Lou Griffin
2/26/17 Boisterous Lookinforforjonesy filly Tom Capehart and William Myers
2/28/17 Ministers Wild Cat Mz Winum colt Jim Robinson and Robert Bone
2/27/17 Boisterous Sky Diver colt Gary Barber
2/13/17 Macho Uno Pretty Syrie colt Tommy Town
2/12/17 Ministers Wild Cat Proud Nicole filly Jim Robinson
2/11/17 Vronsky Amber Hills filly Curt and Lila Lanning
2/10/17 Boisterous Tialinga colt Jim Robinson
2/9/17 Ministers Wild Cat She’smylittleman colt Tommy Town
2/8/17 Kafwain You Lift Me Up colt Tommy Town
2/08/17 Ministers Wild Cat It’s Your Life filly Tommy Town
2/06/17 Ministers Wild Cat Golden Spirits filly Tommy Town
2/06/17 Kafwain High Bolly filly Richard Glassman
2/02/17 Ministers Wild Cat In Other Words colt Jim Robinson
2/02/17 Ministers Wild Cat Excessive Fashion filly John Turner
2/01/17 Ministers Wild Cat Sheaparoux colt Bob Hutton
2/25/17 Boisterous Tribal Spy Gary Barber
1/30/17 Ministers Wild Cat Million Dollar Run colt Tommy Town
1/28/17 Boisterous Kukaluka filly Gary Barber/Adam Wachtel
1/28/17 Boisterous Life is a Stone colt Tommy Town
1/26/17 Ministers Wild Cat Home Runner colt Tommy Town
1/25/17 Ministers Wild Cat Silent Stalk colt Tommy Town
1/25/17 Declaration of War Two to Tango colt Tommy Town
1/22/17 Boisterous Niqaaba filly Gary Barber
1/21/17 Kafwain Angi’s Wild Cat colt Jim Robinson
1/19/17 Boisterous Timothyfourseven Tommy Town
1/18/17 Boisterous Tribal Beauty Tommy Town
1/17/17 Boisterous Irish Tart colt Gary Barber
1/16/17 Boisterous Unstoppablepassioon colt Gary Barber
1/16/17 Jeranimo Bellicose filly Jim Robinson and Mark Ackerman
1/16/17 Grazen Devoted One filly Nick Cosato
1/11/17 Boisterous Heart Six filly Tommy Town
1/03/17 Kafwain Joyce and Me Bay colt Tommy Town
1/07/17 Kafwain Lisa’s Lion colt Tommy Town
1/14/17 Boisterous Made To Worship colt Tommy Town
1/10/17 Ministers Wild Cat Matrimony colt Tommy Town
1/03/17 Kafwain Open Mic filly Tommy Town
1/03/17 Kafwain Sea Creature filly Tommy Town
1/13/17 Boisterous Krazy Papaya filly Eric Kruljac and Steve Gilbreth
1/15/17 Boisterous Curvy Cat colt Tommy Town
1/15/17 Boisterous Diocesan Policy colt Ron Arakelian III
1/14/17 Boisterous Flight Service colt Gary Barber

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