1/5/2013 Kafwain Sky of Diamonds Dark Bay filly Bruce Chandler
1/6/2013 Kafwain It’s Your Life Bay colt Tommy Town
1/6/2013 Kafwain Astor Park Bay Filly Gary Barber
1/8/2013 Kafwain Yet Anothernatalie Bay colt Tommy Town
1/10/2013 Old Topper Cleopatra Bay colt Jim Robinson
1/10/2013 Kafwain Home Runner Bay filly Tommy Town
1/11/2013 Kafwain Million Dollar Run Bay colt Tommy Town
1/11/2013 Aragorn Miss Blue Tye Dye Bay filly Tommy Town
1/12/2013 Aragorn Big Easy Bay colt Tommy Town
1/13/2013 Kafwain Heart Six Bay colt Tommy Town
 1/16/2013 Ministers Wild Cat  Lady Bijou   Bay colt Linda Walker/PTS Ranch 
1/18/2013 Ministers Wild Cat Malibu Artiste Bay filly Tommy Town
1/21/2013  Unusual Heat Exaltation   Bay filly Ranjan Racing 
1/22/2013 Ministers Wild Cat T G’s Girl Chestnut colt Jim Robinson
1/24/2013 Aragorn Sailors Sister Chestnut colt Tommy Town
1/25/2013 Ministers Wild Cat Proud Nicole Bay colt Jim Robinson
 1/26/2013  Aragorn  Glory N The Highest  Bay filly  Tommy Town
1/28/2013 Aragorn Warrens Flyer Chestnut colt Gary Barber
1/28/2013 Kafwain Drama Cat Bay filly Tommy Town
1/29/2013 Ministers Wild Cat Cherokee Kiss Bay colt Tommy Town
1/29/2013 Aragorn Big City Danse Bay colt Tommy Town
1/30/2013 Aragorn She’s Redeemed Chestnut filly Tommy Town
2/4/2013  Kafwain  You Lift Me Up  Bay colt  Tommy Town
2/5/2013 Old Topper Just Seventeen chestnut colt Tommy Town
2/5/2013 Kafwain No Means Maybe Bay filly Tommy Town
2/5/2013 Grand Minstrel Wings of Justice Bay filly Anthony Crump
2/7/2013 Kafwain Street Party Bay colt Tommy Town
2/9/2013 Kafwain Silk Queen Bay colt Tommy Town
2/9/2013 Kafwain Meet the Princess Bay filly Ran Jan
2/11/2013 Thorn Song Honored Gold Bay filly Jimmy Ukegawa and Mike Mitchell
2/12/2013 Ministers Wild Cat Openedforbusiness chestnut colt Tommy Town
2/14/2013  Ministers Wild Cat You Are The Answer   bay colt  Tommy Town
2/16/2013 Kafwain She’s Gottogetaway bay colt Tommy Town
2/17/2013 Aragorn Silent Stalk bay colt Tommy Town
2/18/2013 Ministers Wild Cat Adventurous Spirit chestnut colt Tommy Town
2/20/2013  Awesome Spirit Copious Gold   bay colt Scott Guenther  (Desperado Stables) 
2/23/2013 Kafwain To B Devon bay filly John Pinner
2/23/2013 Kafwain Testify to Love bay colt Tommy Town
2/25/2013 Aragorn She Sings bay filly Tommy Town
2/25/2013  Kafwain Minimums Minimums   bay filly  Tommy Town
2/27/2013 Kafwain Natural Singer RN bay filly Tommy Town
3/1/2013 Stormin Fever Double Dip bay colt Joseph Dipietro
3/1/2013 Ministers Wild Cat Curvy Girl chestnut colt Tommy Town
3/2/2013 Aragorn Unbridled Prayer bay colt Tommy Town
3/3/2213 Decarchy Ringading chestnut colt Kevin Bogart & Mark Gorman
3/5/2013 Lucky Pulpit Deja Views bay colt David & Marion Christensen
3/5/2013 Awesome Spirit Murderers Row bay colt Scott Guenther  (Desperado Stables)
3/6/2013  Dixie Chatter  Sweet Pea  chestnut colt Mark Tatch 
3/7/2013 Kafwain Lexie Miss bay colt Tommy Town
3/7/2013 Private Gold Top Penny bay filly Greg Luce
3/8/2013 Aragorn Excessed chestnut filly Michele Kuelbs
3/8/2013 Ministers Wild Cat Mrs Began bay filly Tommy Town
3/9/2013  Slews Tiznow Silver Sting   bay colt Mark Tatch 
3/10/2013 Ministers Wild Cat Matrimony bay filly Tommy Town
3/12/2013 Kafwain Exploitive bay colt Mike & Lisa  Allen
3/14/2013 Aragorn   Violin Case  chestnut colt Dean Kerkhoff Esembee 
3/17/2013 Kafwain Sea Poppy bay filly Tommy Town
3/19/2013 Ministers Wild Cat Franks Dream Queen chestnut filly Frank & Thomas Von Flue
3/20/2013 Aragorn Sweet Bonnie chestnut colt John Turner
3/20/2013  Grazen High Bolly   chestnut filly Richard Glassman 
3/21/2013 Giacomo Kaloula bay colt Lu Thomas-Willow Tree Farm
3/22/2013 Tavasco Erin bay colt Richard Owens
3/22/2013 Aragorn Polar Kid bay filly Tommy Town
3/22/2013 Square Eddie Nicole and Ben chestnut filly Robert Moreno
3/22/2013 Olmodavor Pat Olcott bay colt Melody Conlon
3/23/2013 Ministers Wild Cat Alluring Tune bay colt Tommy Town
3/27/2013 Kafwain  Lisa’s Lion  bay filly Tommy Town 
3/27/2013 Kafwain Golden Spirits bay colt Tommy Town
3/31/2013 Grand Minstrel Say Touche’ chestnut filly Anthony Crump
4/1/2013 Tribal Rule Petite Motion bay colt Polly Simpson
4/1/2013 Ministers Wild Cat Gender Motors chestnut filly Tommy Town
4/1/2013  Old Topper Courageously  chestnut  filly George  Chakmakian 
4/4/2013 Kafwain Prairie Charm bay colt Tommy Town
4/4/2013 Lucky Pulpit Slamthedoor bay filly Tom Capehart
4/10/2013 Tribal Rule Kitten Exchange chestnut colt Gary Barber
4/12/2013 Tribal Rule Jasmine’s Melody
 bay filly  Joseph Dipietro
4/17/2013 Unusual Heat Mrs Mayor chestnut filly Michael France
4/18/2013 Heatseeker Keystone Malibu chestnut filly Nathaniel Freidman
4/20/2013 Awesome Spirit Autumn Slew bay colt Scott Guenther
 4/26/2013 Heatseeker  Nine to Five Lady   chestnut colt Nels Erickson 
 4/26/2013  Dixie Chatter  Free Danish  chestnut filly  Mark Tatch
5/1/2013  Ministers Wild Cat  Bless Idbyour Name  chestnut filly  Tommy Town
5/2/2013 Kafwain Main Street bay colt Tommy Town
5/14/2013 Ministers Wild Cat A Plus Plus bay filly Tommy Town
5/16/2013 Ministers Wild Cat Up On Her Toes bay filly Tommy Town